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Sewing projects so far

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Sewing project 1: Fanny pack

Fanny pack front view

First sewing project: Fanny pack. I made this as a gift for my sister Julia. Materials: - Nylon Cordura 1000D - color: Burgundy - EcoPAC 200D - color: White - 1" Black Nylon webbing - Elastic cord - narrow Hardware: - 1" Buckle for waist - Double cord-lock for top strap - YKK Waterproof zipper

Project 2: Large frame bag

Designed for my bareknuckle / bridgestone. First attempt at making a frame bag. Left myself tons of space on the seam allowance, but that ended up being somewhat difficult to sew and the bag also turned out larger than intended.

Project 3: Small frame bag for MTNCAT100

Fanny pack front view Fanny pack front view

Designed for my 2017 Giant Anthem Advanced 0, size S. Was planning on riding the MTNCAT100, and needed space for my snacks for a whole long day. Bonus: it fits a 25oz beverage, although on trails it will get quite banged up.

Project 4: Feedbags 1 & 2

Made two feedbags as gifts out of some white X-pac. It's actually Eco-pac 200 Unfortunately don't have a ton of other pictures of these.

Project 5: Coming soon! Top tube bags

In the planning stages now for a top tube bag. Looking to explore a magnetic closure, using a 3d printed insert that the magnets will get inserted into.

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